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Welcome to Jayde's Spot! This is the second half of my site The Inferno! The reason that I have two different sites is so that I can add hundreds more fanlistings to my fanlistings page!! It is my ultimate goal to have the largest collection of fanlistings...EVER!!! Navagation is super easy!!
Fanlistings-- Go here to see all of my fanlistings! There is also a page for updates as well!
Cliques-- When I find cool ones...this is where you can find them!
Quiz Results- Yep, they're baaaccckkk!!! Go here for my massive collection of online quiz results!
Favorite links-- Need I say more?!
So, that's the intro. If you need to get in contact with me, simply email me at belladonna@goowy.com or  just leave me a question in any of the 'Ask me a Question' boxes scattered aboot. Also, for quick updates, look below for the What's New section and see if I've updated!
Thanks and don't forget to visit The Inferno! http://serpensortia.shorturl.com!
~~Mistress Jayde Belladonna

What's New?

So far, I have added 15 fanlistings to the Actors listings. I have added 11 to the Actresses!
The NEWEST listing: Mariska Hargitay on June 28th 2006 @ 3:57pm Central time!!